Watch: I’m looking forward to marriage…

“I think marriage is a beautiful thing”

Video Transcript

I am looking forward to marriage, I think marriage is a beautiful thing. I’ve seen images around me, from my parents and my brother, my sister, that marriage is a beautiful thing, and it can be beautiful thing. However, the foundation that you lay, in your single years, is essentially setting you up for whether you’re going to have a successful marriage, or whether you’re going to have a slightly turbulent one. I’m not saying that it can’t eventually become smooth, but turbulence can be avoided simply by how you manage yourself as a single. And I’m understanding it better now, the more mature and as I’ve grown up. You can’t live as a single and also live like you’re married, it’s two different things – in marriage you have to die to self, you have to think about others more than yourself, others meaning your wife, others meaning eventually, if God blesses you with children, there’s all that involved.

I’m looking forward to the challenge, I’m looking forward to the journey, and also I’m looking forward to the ability to do life with somebody else. And I know I could have followed a route of having a girlfriend at a young age, or having just somebody around or a ‘side-chick’ as they say, but to me that’s not authentic. I want a life-partner, a wife – we can honour God, marry under God and follow God’s blessing and all he has for us in marriage.

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