We should be careful not to make huge life decisions based on presumptions. Evidence that surrounds us is in agreement with the wisdom presented in the Bible.

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Useful statistics relating to marriage.

Family Stability and Children [1]

Graph of family stability and children
Source: marriagefoundation.org.uk, Benson, July 2017

By the time the children studied were 15 years old – 93% of those still living with both parents, had married parents.


Which couples stay together? [2]

Pies charts of Family Stability and Children
Source: marriagefoundation.org.uk, Benson, March 2015

This study of children 14 – 15 years old, showed that 76% of parents who married before having children were still together by this time, compared to 31% of cohabiting parents. Marriage after the birth of children still increased the likelihood of the couple remaining together to 44%.

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