Since God intends sex only for marriage – what benefits does He bless us with, if we choose to do so?

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

The Bible is clear that we are to keep sex for marriage; whenever we live according to God’s intentions, there are always benefits and blessings. Here are some of them:

1. It allows you to get to know each other better without sexual involvement.

It is hard, if not impossible, to get to know each other and decide if your characters, interests and futures are compatible if judgement is being clouded by sexual intimacy.

2. It avoids the emotional pain of a sexual relationship breaking up.

…being engaged is not the same as being married.

A sexual bond is something designed to strengthen marriage; it is not designed to be broken and when it is, you hurt yourself and others. Also, remember that being engaged is not the same as being married.

3. It builds up trust in each other.

…exercising self-control now will establish trust.

You can be secure that your relationship is built on more than lust as exercising self-control now will establish trust. If you do marry, this will help to make a secure marriage.

4. It strengthens your marriage.

Sex is something intimate and enjoyable that helps you to bond with your spouse.

5. You have no comparison so your sexual relationship is more special.

You avoid entering marriage with a ‘past’. If you do marry, you can discover the pleasure of sexual intimacy for the first time with your husband or wife.

6. You can learn about sex together.

Learning about something together also helps you to bond and build trust, you don’t have to worry about experience, or getting it right first time.

7. It makes the wedding, honeymoon and marriage more meaningful.

Your marriage celebration is really about two becoming one. You are joining together in a variety of ways and it actually is the start of something new. It makes the whole day much more exciting and meaningful.

8. It shows your husband or wife is very special.

It shows that you place value on sharing your body and thus value on who you share it with.

9. It prevents you from getting/giving someone an STI.

You will be free of sexually transmitted infections and, if you do marry, the shame and fear of bringing these infections into your marriage.

10. It avoids unplanned pregnancy.

God designed sex to take place within marriage and to produce babies. Marriage is really the ideal context for providing the security that every child needs and thrives on.

Saving sex for marriage can help you realise some wonderful things and avoid a lot of hurt. In a culture that is so obsessed with making sex as cheap as possible, it is important to realise it is a gift that is precious and that really matters.