Trust the Bible in every area of life because it is authored by the God who made us

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

The Bible teaches us that ‘All Scripture is breathed out by God’ (2 Tim. 3:16).  This means that it is a book unlike any other, because it is how God speaks directly to us.  By studying the Bible, we learn more about God and how He wants us to live.  The Psalmist says that the person who regularly delights in the law of the Lord – who meditates upon or thinks prayerfully about it – is like a tree planted by streams of water which yields good fruit and has healthy leaves.  That person is contrasted with the wicked man who is like chaff, easily blown away by the wind (Ps. 1:1-4).

Developing a regular Bible-reading habit helps a Christian to be like a stable, healthy tree. This is important at university, where you will be surrounded by people who think very differently about how to live their lives.  Many people don’t believe in the goodness of God’s design for marriage, relationships and sex.  There can be pressure to compromise in all sorts of ways, and you can be tempted to doubt God’s goodness and wisdom.  If you are to remain faithful and trust God in the hard times, you need to know His word well.

It is helpful to make time every day to read and prayerfully reflect upon a portion of Scripture, allowing it to shape your thoughts and attitudes as well as your behaviour. You could decide to create your own plan, reading through different Bible books a small section at a time.  Alternatively, you could use some Bible-reading notes to give guidance and structure.  (One good place to begin is the Explore series of notes published by the Good Book Company, available as an App as well as in hard copy).   Establish a Bible-reading habit before arriving at university (when there will be so many new opportunities competing for your attention) and make it a priority while you are there.

You may come across people who question the truth of the Bible directly, whether in a lecture or a conversation.  Someone might say to you ‘How do you know the Bible is reliable?’  or ‘How do you know that Jesus is the Son of God?’  You can prepare for such challenges by reading books such as The Case for Christ: A Journalist’s Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus’ by Lee Strobel.

You will find that the Biblical understanding of marriage, relationships and sex is frequently challenged. Prepare for this by reading a book such as ‘God’s Design for Women in an Age of Gender Confusion by Sharon James.  It helpfully compares Biblical teaching with secular ideas, showing that we can trust God’s design because God Himself is good, and because good fruit results from following His way.

You can trust the Bible in every area of life because it is authored by the God who made you.  Make sure you hold onto this truth through your time at university and you will be able to stand firm in your faith.