7. Marriage – a personal story

Sam and Rach testify to the blessings of marriage

We’ve been joyfully married for 8 years, and we’d like to share some of the ways we’ve been blessed by our marriage. I (Sam) didn’t get married until I was 30, so there were a fair few years where I lived out of my family home as a single man.… Read more.

6. Marriage – lowers risk of domestic violence

Statistics show that marriage is the most protective factor

Domestic or partner abuse is common and much more commonly happens to girls/women than to men.  Relationships between men and women were not designed to be this way: Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord. Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself… Read more.

5. Sex and Marriage

Far from being boring, those who are married have more and better sex

In a society which is obsessed with sex and which often portrays commitment-free sex outside of marriage as exciting, many people come to believe that having sex with the same person for years on end is boring and unsatisfying. As Christians we know that God intends sexual intimacy only to… Read more.

4. Married couples are happier

Studies show that married couples are generally happier than those co-habiting or single

Everything and everyone whom God created is described as good in the first chapter of Genesis. In striking contrast God declares that ‘It is not good that the man should be alone’ and in response He made him ‘a helper fit for him’. God speaks with perfect wisdom. So we… Read more.

3. Marriage Increases the likelihood of staying together

Statistics show that married couples are more likely to stay together than couples who are just cohabiting

In the previous articles we have looked at the benefits of marriage to the couple who are married and to any children they may have but of course many people would argue that cohabiting would give the same benefits and as a result many people see marriage as unnecessary or… Read more.

2. Children benefit from married parents

How marriage can help children to flourish

Are they healthier and happier? In general, research shows that children do best in life when they grow up with both their biological parents, and this is most likely when those parents are married (there will be a future article looking at how marriage increases the likelihood of couples remaining… Read more.

1. Married people live longer and healthier lives

Numerous studies on the relationship between health and being married show the evidence is overwhelmingly positive in favour of marriage

There have been numerous studies over the years which look at the relationship between being married and health. Here is a small selection: A recent study in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) found that being married reduced the risk of Type 2 diabetes and this was the case even if… Read more.

The Barbie Movie – battle of the sexes?

Battle of the Sexes in Barbieland and the Real World… What answers does the Bible have for us?

The most surprising thing I did over the summer was watch the Barbie movie (twice)! This film has made history for being the biggest ever debut for a film directed by a woman – £276m in the first weekend! So why are so many people (and it’s not just women)… Read more.
Middle aged couple sitting nest to each other. Smiling at the camera. The woman is on the left and the man on the right.

Tips to help make a marriage successful: Part 3

A crucial aspect of a good marriage is to complement one another: husband and wife each act in different ways for the good of both.

Remember your role Complementarity is an essential part of God designed marriage. To complement means to act together in different ways for the good of both. One essential element of the first marriage was that God brought Eve to Adam as his “helper”. She was his companion and his partner… Read more.