Honest communication is so important in any close relationship. It is essential to establishing trust. It is especially important in marriage.

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If you are wondering whether someone would make a suitable spouse, ask this question, ‘Can you open your hearts and minds to one another and come to one mind on the big things of life?’.

It isn’t that you must agree on absolutely everything, but you certainly need to on the major things.

  1. Do you agree on what love is?
  2. Do you both agree on what marriage means?
  3. Do you both think the same way about having children and how you will raise them?
  4. Do you agree on how to manage money, where you will live and what it means to keep promises?
  5. If you are a Christian, one of the most important questions you must ask yourself is whether the person you are considering marrying is a Christian too? Also, will you agree on how to honour God in your relationship?

The beginning of the relationship is the best time to sort out these important questions, though it may take time as you get to know each other. If they can’t be agreed on then it might cast doubt on the future of the relationship. The more time and energy you invest in a relationship that doesn’t have a good base, the more heartache it could bring you down the line.

It is important to naturally keep discussing issues as your relationship continues. But it is also good to be able to have fun and laugh together. Your relationship will need to be based on more than just a base of shared values if you are to have a lasting marriage!